Taiwanese spot with classroom-inspired desks & chairs known for shaved-ice treats & hearty dishes. School-themed, cash-only venue offering Taiwanese comfort food & self-serve bubble tea in cozy digs. Casual Taiwanese eatery decorated in the style of a traditional elementary school classroom. Taiwanese food Shaved Snow Honey Boba drinks Tea Drinks.

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Fresh boba in my drink (since they just opened)! They were very warm when I put some inside my medium-sized cup, but they have a nice chewiness that I love about fresh boba. I got a Jasmine Milk Tea, and it’s pretty good, but needs to be colder. Then again, I just came when they opened, so maybe if I had come a few hours later, the milk tea would be colder.

Pay for whatever size milk tea drink first before moving on to the next step. It’s a self-serve boba milk tea, so make sure you put as much as you want inside before handing it to the cashier to seal it – no free refills!


This is my place to go when I have no clue what I want to eat and I’m home in Irvine. I know I can never go wrong with the classic Taiwanese dishes. I’ve gone to like 4 different locations and this one is my favorite. It’s not as crowded, parking is good, and the restaurant is clean.

Everything has changed since the remodel to be self service boba like the second Irvine location on Jamboree. I like some of the new options on the menu for set meals that are only like $10.95 for you to pick 2 items and since service wasn’t that good before I like the self serve style for the food. There’s lots of noodle soups to choose from or you can get 米粉Taiwanese dry rice noodle and then you pick either pork hock 豬腳 or popcorn chicken or calamari. I’ve always really liked all of these snack items. Calamari used to come with sliced garlic but now you have to ask for it on the side. Everything is in throw away containers now which is fine so you can take home leftovers easily 🙂


Since my visit in 2014, class 302 has undergone a  tremendous renovation, revamping of their drink system, and improvement to food quality. Customers will enjoy the novelty of eating in a “classroom” setting, in desks and chairs that are the exact same design as those used in traditional Taiwanese classrooms.

Newcomers should try some of their stock items, including the crispy pork chop or the crispy chicken leg. For meals you can choose noodles or rice, depending on your preference. 302 provides gigantic portions, topped with pickled vegetable, Taiwanese style ground pork, a braised egg, and broccoli.

Having spent four years in Taiwan trying out the local food, by comparison 302’s food is extremely authentic; they even offer stinky tofu and other items that you usually find exclusively at night markets in Taiwan.

With their new renovations, now 302 has modernized the Taiwan boba tradition by offering self-serve stations for all drinks. Try out the pudding with the honey milk tea, or if you want something a little more conventional, the boba with taro milk tea (purple and delicious) is an excellent combination. Couples can try the “couples cup” and enjoy drinks of their choice together, or just drink from the large cup as well.

Despite all these positives, some customers may find the seating to be too crammed and uncomfortable. The downside of self serve boba is not being able to adjust drinks for level of sweetness, and possibly missing the no-refill sign (I didn’t even know I had to seal the drink). The food can sometimes be a little too salty, so you may need to ask for adjustments.

Besides these points, 302 is a great place for lunch, gathering with friends, dates, and families with kids. By borrowing Jay Chow’s song “3rd year class #2” 三年二班, and providing high quality meals and a cool ambience, this restaurant does honor to Taiwanese cuisine in a fun, energetic, and unique way.


I only went for the boba drink and that’s why I give it a 5 star rating! Everything about this boba drink is fantastic. I’ve never been able to build-your-own boba. What a neat experience. And there are so many boba and pudding options to add it was tough to decide. I went with a mix of traditional boba, strawberry and yogurt popping boba, and some aloe jelly. All the jellies and bobas were delicious.

Next was the tea station. The options were endless! They had a ton of tea flavors as well as milk tea flavors! My friend chose a few fruity tea flavors and mixed them all together for one unique and delicious tea. I would have done the same but they had a honey green milk tea and that combination was more than enough for me! I tasted a little and it was some of the best milk tea I have ever had.


We heard great things about this place and needed to make a pit stop to Class 302 as we were heading up to Indio. This place is a self-serve boba bar! I’ve never been to such a place and got excited when I saw the variety of milk teas. Keep in mind that Class 302 also has shaved ice, soft-serve and many types of food.

You pay the cashier first and you get an empty cup (they have the medium/large chubby cups and split cups) and you can fill it with whatever drink combination and toppings you want. I suggest asking for a sample cup so you can taste the milk teas first. Once finished, bring it to the cashier and they will seal the cup for you. Love the idea!

I ended up getting the Almond Milk Tea with boba, grass jelly and almond pudding. Tasted great and not too sweet. *sigh* Now I’m craving one as I’m typing this review out….


Where else can you get a 32 oz of a drink any way you want it with unlimited toppings for under $6 no where! Their coconut smoothie, honey dew, and Thai tea smoothies are all excellent and not too sweet.  They have a great selection of popping boba and puddings.  I will definitely be back.  Thanks Class 302!


First time here and it is so much fun! Picking my own toppings and drink is like me going into the candy store! Love to come back again one day!

The honeydew slush that I got was delicious!   Yum yum yum yum yum!


A very welcome Taiwanese import, Class 302 will satisfy your sugar cravings and then some.

Class 302 is like your local boba shop on steroids. They have an expansive self-serve drink-making station which you purchase your way through by the cup. Want more egg pudding? Fill your cup with it. Looking for grass jelly? Load it up. Just want some of that sweet, sweet milk tea nectar? Sip to your heart’s content.

They have a huge variety of sweet and non-sweet drinks, my favorite being the honey jasmine milk tea. Their toppings bar is almost always well-stocked with fresh ingredients.

Once you’ve made your magical concoction, bring it back to the counter to get it sealed, and you’re on your way!

On top of all of this, they have a menu of savory foods and shaved snow to pick from, each delivered to a pick-up window in the back. It can take a hot minute, especially when it’s busy.

Last time I was here, I got the pictured green tea shaved snow. For those of us not in the know, this isn’t just a glorified snow cone. Taiwanese shaved snow is melt-in-your-mouth goodness flavored with creamy-sweet syrup, and it’s definitely on the next level. This particular creation was made with red bean, mochi, condensed milk, and egg pudding–all in the vein of not-sugary-sweet, rich Asian confection. I was supremely satisfied, but if we’re being honest, I think it was a little too much for anybody to handle on their own.

That much said, it was good, even if we wasted a bit of it. It’s strange because despite the portions being made to share, the space and the serving layout don’t really permit it to happen very easily.

Ultimately, a big step up from the local boba shops, but perhaps more to bite off than most of us can chew. Come in for a drink! Stay for an ill-shared bowl of creamy deliciousness.